Israel’s Battle Against Hamas Enters Second Phase

Israel has entered a second phase in its battle against Hamas as tensions continue to rise in the region. Learn more about what is happening in the conflict and how it could potentially impact the region.

Israel’s Battle Against Hamas Enters Second Phase

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has escalated over recent weeks, with both sides trading airstrikes and rocket fire. The tensions have risen to a level not seen since the 2014 war, and it appears that Israel’s battle against Hamas is now entering its second phase.

The first phase of the conflict began in May 2021, when Hamas began launching rockets in  Israel in response to an Israeli police raid on the Al-Aqsa Mosque that injured hundreds of Palestinians. In response, the Israeli military launched a series of airstrikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, including several residential buildings. This led to a significant increase in casualties on both sides, with more than 200 Palestinians and 12 Israelis killed in the conflict.

In the second phase of the conflict, Israel has launched a series of ground operations aimed at targeting Hamas’ rocket launching sites and other military infrastructure. This has resulted in an even greater number of casualties, with more than 400 Palestinians and 28 Israelis killed in the conflict so far.

The escalation of the conflict has raised concerns in the international community, with the United Nations and other countries calling for an immediate ceasefire between both sides. While Israel has expressed a willingness to enter into negotiations, Hamas has so far refused to do so, insisting that Israel must first lift its blockade on the Gaza Strip before any negotiations can take place.

As the conflict enters its second phase, it is uncertain how much longer it will last and what the ultimate outcome will be. It is clear, however, that the conflict has had a devastating effect on both sides and that a peaceful resolution is needed in order to bring an end to the fighting.

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